Appraisal of machines and devices

We provide professional valuation services for various types of machinery, equipment, large technical systems and specialized equipment from the industrial and health protection sector.

Our machinery and devices valuation experts provide services across the entire country.

Within the valuation of technical resources, we specialize in:

  • valuation of large technical systems
  • valuation of machinery and equipment from any sector and of any type
  • valuation of industrial machinery and processing lines
  • valuation of production lines
  • valuation of car fleets
  • valuation of passenger cars and trucks
  • valuation of semi-trailers, trailers, tanker trailers
  • valuation of railway rolling stock
  • valuation of forklifts and cherry pickers
  • valuation of specialized vehicles and valuation of atypical vehicles
  • valuation of construction machinery
  • valuation of agricultural machinery
  • valuation of fixed assets
  • valuation of machine park equipment
  • valuation of medical equipment
  • valuation of hospital equipment
  • valuation of health clinic equipment

The valuations are prepared for the purposes of:

  • collateral for bank loans
  • conclusion of lease agreements
  • valuation of the components of a company
  • valuation for the conditions of forced sale
  • valuation for liquidation sale
  • valuation for tax purposes
  • estimation of the impairment
  • preparation of a forecast of changes in value over time
  • estimation of a hypothetical market value, in the event of a total loss claim
  • determination of the initial value for the purposes of depreciation write-offs
  • estimation of a fair value in the absence of a market value
  • estimation of value for the purposes of property division
  • estimation of value for non-contractual use

Our valuers have prepared appraisals for: