Energy Performance Certificates

The Centre for Valuation and Analysis prepares energy performance evaluations of designed buildings, as well as issues Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). We execute orders throughout the entire country.

We also prepare analyses of the use of alternative and renewable energy sources for construction projects and individual use.

In case of continued cooperation, we provide attractive prices for individual clients, real estate agencies, cooperatives, housing communities, developers, notaries and property managers.

We prepare ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATES, defined as ENERGY CERTIFICATES, according to WT 2014, the regulation applicable to buildings for which the request for the construction permit has been submitted after 01.01.2014. For buildings with construction permit applications submitted before this date, the previous regulation of 06.11.2008 is still applicable – we also prepare documentation for these facilities.

We carry out energy performance certification of the following buildings:

  • Single family residential buildings

  • Multi-family residential buildings

  • Collective residence buildings

  • Public utility buildings

  • Industrial buildings

  • Storage buildings

  • Energy performance certificate for a residential dwelling

  • For a section of a building forming a separate unit from a technical and functional point of view

In the scope of:

  • issuance of an energy performance certificate for a building or residential dwelling

  • execution of an energy efficiency rating for a designed building – valuation

  • analysis of the use of alternative or renewable energy sources – valuation

New: We offer detailed energy inventories of buildings and premises with the use of a professional thermal imaging camera. The readings will allow for precise identification of sources of heat loss.

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